About English @ SUNY Geneseo

The English @ SUNY Geneseo page uses the WordPress blogging platform. This page offers many exciting opportunities for professors, classes, students, and/or outside observers to communicate and collaborate in an online space.

The page is already being used extensively in the classroom for topics such as Irish literature, Film, Digital Humanities, and Reader & Text. Professors for these courses assign blogging as part of everyday classwork, perhaps pertaining to certain prompts or within certain conversations, or maybe as open-ended reactions. Blogging can occur within or outside class, on almost any terms a professor sets.

Essentially, any topic, course, or category gains its own “page” on the WordPress page. This is where blogging for that specific course occurs. These pages have their own forums, tags, and conversations. Any professor need only speak to Dr. Schacht, and a personal page can be set up. All these pages link to the base Geneseo English page so that other classes can see what the rest of the department is doing; this is a great way to communicate outside of classroom walls.

The “Help-page” you’re viewing right now is designed to serve the Geneseo English Department in best using the English @ SUNY Geneseo page. Our goal is to help ease the transition into using this technology, and provide assistance every step of the way. Feel free to visit our Help and Support Group, ask questions in the Forum space, or simply peruse our page to learn some basic information, contact us with further questions, and ultimately, get blogging!

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